Startupy is a digital playground where people in love with interesting ideas curate, highlight, and interconnect the most valuable knowledge on the Internet

We are building the first massive, multiplayer knowledge graph for meaningful intellectual insights.

<aside> 💭 We live in the information age, but meaningful intellectual content is ironically less indexed and discoverable than it was 10 years ago.


*In an age of information overload, information discovery — the service of bringing to the public’s attention that which  is interesting, meaningful, important, and otherwise worthy of our time and thought — is a form of creative and intellectual labor, and one of increasing importance and urgency.

– Maria Popova*

Startupy is just the stage. Our curators are the stars ✨

Applications for Season Zero curators are now open!

We are cultivating a new breed of creators we call curators - enablers of combinatorial creativity and networked knowledge, and to honor their creative labor.

👉 Apply now!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Season Zero and are calling all rabbit hole voyagers, curators, concept librarians, and knowledge remixers who want to get in on the ground floor to help us shape startupy to be the best community-curated knowledge graph.

<aside> 💡 Becoming a Season Zero curator and actively contributing to the startupy graph will whitelist you for a Curator Season Zero NFT ring, which will unlock future utility and signal your status as a founding curator and contributor of startupy. This ring can only be earned, not bought.


There are several ways to join the Season Zero Curator cohort