<aside> 🌍 At Starton, our shared ambition is to create a powerful leader in the software industry and we are confident that soon, all software and companies conducting business online will adopt WEB3.


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Business Developer (Intern)

Digital innovation comes from developers so we are creating the tools and foundation for them. We are looking for talented and experience people to join us, this is just the beginning of an incredible journey, if you share our beliefs fill the typeform below or contact us at:

📬 career@starton.io

🎫 Our mission

At Starton, we are dedicated to making it easier for software companies to embrace the potential of blockchain technology, propelling our clients to become a next-generation leader.

We are confident that WEB3 will soon be the standard for doing business on the internet, and our tools are here to make it happen.

Our mission is to develop the most effective tools to transition blockchain adoption from the Stone Age to more efficient ways of unceasing interactions.

We have designed a powerful UI & API that streamlines WEB3 application development, enabling smart contract deployment & interaction, monitoring on-chain events, storing data in a distributed network, and scaling on-chain transactions.

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