The setting

  1. Big picture in three stages:
  2. Today’s focus is proofs and state updates.
  3. For today, consensus is a black box that outputs two things:
  4. L1 checkpoint registry contract maintains a single chain of checkpoints.
  5. L1 state updates require proofs between checkpoints: if there’s a chain

Today’s focus

  1. Proof production
  2. Proof price discovery
  3. L1 state update
  4. Reward issuance — is designation of labor enforced? (e.g in a competition, do only winners get rewards? are there consolations?)


Open race + incentivized turn-based redundancy. Proofs propagated off-chain and off-ledger.

  1. Proof production
  2. Price discovery — 1559 + L1 signal fallback
  3. L1 state update — open race with turn-based fallback after 5 idle hours
  4. Reward issuance — whatever is submitted to L1 first + turn-based if proof of same transition (not necessarily same proof) supplied <1 hour after state update