tengu, kaiju corp founder & "dad"

tengu is the founder of kaiju corp, and currently oversees all of kaiju corps teams and programs. He has captained and played on a number of kaiju corp teams, coached collegiate Overwatch teams, and has helped to manage a number of competitive teams. tengu is passionate about mentorship and growth, and hopes to cultivate healthy team environments, smart players, and inspire good values wherever he goes. He used to serve as one of the Head Admins of Chicago Overwatch, and still wants to invest in the Chicago esports scene. He is currently the coach of Loy Norrix High School's Overwatch team, which placed 2nd in the Michigan High School Esports Federation League in the Fall of 2020.

cybele, coach & head of mentorship

cybele is currently the head of kaiju corp mthr - kaiju corp's mentorship program - where she connects mentors with mentees to grow and cultivate players to their best potential. She has experience coaching teams of all skill levels from from plat to gm.

Waya, coach

Waya has experience as the former Captain and Owner of Team Kringe EspUrts where he competed at a top tier 3 level winning multiple AG weeklies and finishing top 32 in numerous Open Divisions. He also has experience coaching at the tier 3 level and currently plays on kaiju corp kngc while taking on coaching opportunities within kaiju corp.

Jexis, coach

Jexis is currently the head coach for kaiju corp clvr. He used to be a strategic analyst for Paradigm, a former contenders trials team, where he specialized in pre-match scouting and statistical performance review.

Zaf, coach and mentor

Zaf is a former Tier 3 Overwatch player having finished top 32 in Open Division numerous times on Alpha Sky and Disbanded. They are currently mentoring and coaching in kaiju corp, as well as Illinois Tech's Overwatch team; helping players of all skill levels, with a focus on the psychological and mental side of competitive gaming.