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Attending Live Calls

Most of our Live calls are hosting using Zoom. We have installed a live captioning service integration with rev.com to make it easier for everyone to take part in these calls.

To access live captions during a Zoom call:

  1. Check the Zoom with Rev integration is live (a red button appears in the top left of the presenter's screen)
  2. Click "Closed Captions" on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to switch on live captioning
  3. In your Closed Caption settings, which is in the menu bar at the bottom of your Zoom window, adjust the size of the captions shown on your screen
  4. In your Closed Caption settings, you can also click "view full transcript" to view the live transcript at any time
  5. You are welcome to download the full transcript at any point during the live call. If you're a member of a paid program, the transcript will also be uploaded to your Kajabi login area along with the audio and video replay of the call, a text file of the chat box, and any slides, where used.





Accessing Replays and Pre-Recorded Content

Login to your account at squirmfreeschoolofbusiness.com/login to access live call replays and prerecorded content.

Live Call Replays

For all live calls recorded from September 18th, 2020 onwards, a copy of the live transcript will be available in the "downloads" section; on the right hand side when using desktop, and right at the bottom of the page, when using the mobile app.