We're building the Data Platform of the Future

Join us if you want to reshape the way organizations interact with data. We are a developer-first company, committed to building around open protocols and delivering the best experience possible for data consumers and publishers.

Splitgraph is a seed-stage, venture-funded startup hiring its initial team. The two co-founders are looking to grow the team to five or six people. This is an opportunity to make a big impact on an agile team while working closely with the founders.

Splitgraph is a remote-first organization. The founders are based in the UK, and the company is incorporated in both USA and UK. Candidates are welcome to apply from any geography. We want to work with the most talented, thoughtful and productive engineers in the world.

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<aside> 💡 Data Engineers welcome! The job titles have "Software Engineer" in them, but at Splitgraph there's a lot of overlap between data and software engineering. We welcome candidates from all engineering backgrounds.


What is Splitgraph?

Open Source Toolkit

Our open-source product, sgr, is a tool for building, versioning and querying reproducible datasets. It's inspired by Docker and Git, so it feels familiar. And it's powered by PostgreSQL, so it works seamlessly with existing tools in the Postgres ecosystem. Use Splitgraph to package your data into self-contained data images that you can share with other Splitgraph instances.

Splitgraph Cloud

Splitgraph Cloud is a platform for data cataloging, integration and governance. The user can upload data, connect live databases, or "push" versioned snapshots to it. We give them a unified SQL interface to query that data, a catalog to discover and share it, and tools to build/push/pull it.

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