The pricing below is deprecated. Check this pricing:

At Spatial.Chat we have two types of pricing: subscription and one-time events pan

SpatialChat Plans Pricing Comparison

The participant-minute(s) is a unit of conversation in Spatial.Chat, the time spent by each of your attendees. If there are 10 participants in your space at the time of the video conference, then there are 10 participant-minutes spent each minute.

Here the examples of how 10,000 participant-minutes can be spent, consider the event capacity and duration:

This mechanism provides more flexibility to the organizer as you don't have to estimate the number of participants.

One-time event plans

For one-time events, the total pricing depends on the number of participants at the event. Participants can spend almost the whole day in the space with multi-room capabilities, and that wouldn't reflect the pricing. From 250 participants we provide a white-labeling solution.