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Our story


Growth and digital marketing is a fast-paced and competitive industry with emerging self-proclaimed gurus every day. In contrast with this ambiant noise, Spark was founded in 2019 by Baptiste and Xavier with the belief that expertise, client satisfaction and method would be the pillars of a virtuous growth. Since then, spark has evolved into a team of 40 people committed to delivering the highest quality of services in our industry.

Our values

Customer first

They help us get better every day and are the ground of our success.


Our ultimate goal that we humbly pursue by facing challenges and learning every day.


We are transparent, trustworthy and respectful with each other and our clients.

The spark way


We get things done.

Getting things done is the most important thing we expect from people joining the team. Keep the final output in mind and challenge its value? If the final output has no or limited value then it's probably not worth working on it.

We take responsibility for our actions.

From day one, everyone at spark is trusted to reach his/her goals autonomously.