Join Souq, and help build the first financial markets for Web3 games, enabling players to own the games they love.

As the paradigm shifts to open economy metaverses, Souq will be the portal for billions of Web3 members to discover, monitor and grow their digital assets. We are looking for a Founding Designer that has a clean, sharp, and non-conesus aesthetic. The work ahead is as equally rewarding as it is challenging, this is a rare once in a career moment to build a design language that will define a new category.

                                                                 CEO, Co-founder

Company Values

Honorable and Transparent

We are ethical, just, and honest in all our decisions and actions.

Serve the Community

We are here to serve our members and help them share in the upside of player-owned game economies.

Elegance Through Simplicity

We turn the complex and difficult into elegant experiences, actions, code, and communication.

Build Towards Excellence

We check assumptions before making bold bets, sign our name on everything, challenge each other to raise the quality bar, and win through rapid iteration.


We work as a team to grow stronger and more resolute with each new obstacle. Adversity fuels us.

Who You Are