This is a collection/resources library, AKA a curated free database of Maryland 🏳️‍🌈 local and regional institutions, groups, and knowledge leadership in 2022, including a:

All combined, this project is a web-friendly hub to recognize and highlight LGBTQ+ spaces, my way to adapt something more browsable than the valuable albeit nerdy, regulatory research frameworks. So together, lets contrast negative experiences and stereotypes that get broadcast at-large. Lets highlight positive, affirming, inspirational, and valuable histories. And lets point to current-day LGBTQ+ leaders and merchants across Maryland.

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See the drop-down menu or, here are some quick links: Lookup Pride Festivals, LGBTQ+ Nightclubs or Bars , Monthly and Weekly Drag Shows, Education, Retail Shops and more. For history and archives, visit Histories + Books.

Project Background/About

This collection is kept by Justin Fair of Unmatched Athlete, and was created when Mr. Fair saw in Fall 2020 that there was not a easily-accessible, inclusive, comprehensive directory of contemporary resources that listed the amazing people and innovative community projects underway during and prior to the pandemic. Check out the Histories + Books section for similar past projects by some amazing historians!

Tips? Shoot him a email.