More on Why a Digital Ecosystem Filing System, on Notion

What? The Goal is to list things that I cherish and to inventory services I use, subscriptions and memberships, digital tools, and digital and physical belongings that I own or care about. This is to better sort my interests into separate collections.

Why? I’m OCD. I don’t want to keep separate lists on different apps without conscious congruence, so I have a set list of topical interests and tags listed in the “Sorting” folder. I then use those terms to

(1) classify things on different platforms: e.g. Google Drive folders, Photos, Podcasts, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon Music, Android Homescreen, etc. And

(2) this allows me to combine the export/import lists created through services together, so I can keep record of what I've enjoyed with those services and pull related data too.

In summary, doing so means I stay ‘on brand’ with what I’m interested in, and I am conscious as to what services I join and use to access online media. The data also belongs to me rather than to the company/app that I used to find the media.

More Examples:-

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