Hi, I'm Songyi Lee πŸ‘‹ an Entrepreneur, DAO Builder, and Lifestyle Designer who practices mindfulness. Made in Korea, currently based in a farm in Mangaroa, New Zealand.


I am an entrepreneur and collective builder, using technology for impact. My passion is building a globally collaborative economy with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and emerging technologies. In 2013 I co-founded a Silicon Valley startup that empowered the world’s unbanked population by providing access to Bitcoin through a decentralized SMS network.

I spend most of my time helping individuals and organizations change the way they innovate through the tools of self-management, the future of entrepreneurship, and new collaboration tools.

I worked and lived in Asia, Europe, and the US, and have travelled to 40+ countries. Made in Korea currently based in Mangaroa, New Zealand taking care of the world and baby sheep.

Areas of Expertise

Open Innovation Consulting

Team & Culture Design

Community & Collective Building

Brining the Right People Globally

Collaboration & Governance Tools

Narrative & Context Building

Digital Transformation

Technology to Impact Translation

Recent Projects

Impact Collective, community driven accelerator + investment program focused in Asia Pacific

Vake, Social action network built on blockchain tool with Worldvision Korea

Zentrepreneurs, curated mindfulness contents platform for entrepreneurs

Communities & Collectives

Weave, a collective of purpose-driven professionals.

Ensprial, help more people do stuffs that matters.

Nonce, a community of blockchain-inspired humans.

Edmund Hillary Fellowship , a New Zealand based fellowship of world-class entrepreneurs and investors.

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