Hi, I'm Songyi Lee πŸ‘‹ an Entrepreneur, DAO Builder, and Lifestyle Designer who practices mindfulness. Made in Korea, currently based in a farm in Mangaroa, New Zealand.


I am an entrepreneur and collective builder, using technology for impact. My passion is building a globally collaborative economy with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and emerging technologies. In 2013 I co-founded a Silicon Valley startup that empowered the world’s unbanked population by providing access to Bitcoin through a decentralized SMS network.

I spend most of my time helping individuals and organizations change the way they innovate through the tools of self-management, the future of entrepreneurship, and new collaboration tools.

I worked and lived in Asia, Europe, and the US, and have travelled to 40+ countries. Made in Korea currently based in Mangaroa, New Zealand taking care of the world and baby sheep.

Areas of Expertise

Open Innovation Consulting

Team & Culture Facilitation

Blockchain and Social Impact

Community & Collective Building

Brining the Right People Globally

Collaboration & Governance Tools

Narrative & Context Building

Digital Transformation

Technology to Impact Translation

Recent Projects

Impact Collective, community driven accelerator + investment program focused in Asia Pacific

Vake, Social action network built on blockchain tool with Worldvision Korea

Zentrepreneurs, curated mindfulness contents platform for entrepreneurs

AsanSanghoe, entrepreneurship education for North Korean defectors with Asan Nanum Foundation

Communities & Collectives

Weave, a collective of purpose-driven professionals.

Ensprial, help more people do stuffs that matters.

Nonce, a community of blockchain-inspired humans.

Edmund Hillary Fellowship , a New Zealand based fellowship of world-class entrepreneurs and investors.

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