Notes 09/09/2022

What is the Doodlebank / Purpose

Notes / Questions / Comments

How do new users become aware of the doodlebank?

What makes a good proposal?

Being new to the community: vision and guidelines has all of the information, but distilling it from point A-Z is a process

process: Idea, incubate idea twitter/think-tank, doodlebank proposal thread on discourse, get support and refine idea within discourse/discord, on-chain temperature

98% of ETHER distributed has gone to founder proposals, only 2% has gone to community initiated proposals - this shows the opportunity for the doodlebank to be more doodle-led

Doodlebank has been inaccessible, “doodlebank is for doodle shenanigans” - doodlifts process is convoluted, how can we simplify the process?

It’s hard to grasp what would be a good community proposal, because there hasn’t been success so far - youngsun

The community is a bunch of segments, many lower (fun) proposals, and bigger proposals… doodlebank is horizontal building with the team (not top down) - eyal

Doodle founding team is hosting a friendsgiving — team is bringing the turkey / direction, and the doodlebank brings the sides