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Hi there!

Happy to see you at Solvery🙂.

Down below there is all the information about the study workflow and also, some recommendations.

Stage 1. Choose a mentor


Choose a mentor from our list and create a request. Use tags for easy search. If you could not decide, you can send applications for several mentors or send us a general request. We will help you choose a specialist with a personal call or in any messenger convenient for you.

When a mentor is found, we agree on a convenient time to call. And we conduct a free acquaintance call.

15-min test video-call

The Solvery team will agree with you the time for the call, and then at the specified time will send a link to the video call to Zoom. The test video call is created and moderated by the Solvery team.

Purpose of the call: to get acquainted with the mentor, to confirm your goal and current level, to discuss further actions and to agree on the next lessons.

If your goal is long term, you can try making a high-level plan at this stage.

<aside> ☝ The high-level plan is the main topics and points to be learned on the way to the goal. At this stage it is possible to estimate the approximate number of hours that need and load level.


The result of the test video call: date and time of the first hour lesson. The mentor may ask you to prepare some materials or links to make the meeting more effective.


From this moment, a general chat is created in the messenger. In the chat there Solvery member of the team, as well as the student with a mentor.

We recommend that all communication be carried out in a general chat, so that in the event of a dispute, it is always recorded by Solvery as an independent party in question.