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byFounders VC makes your business global. With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, byFounders are investing in the tech pioneers of the present and future generation with an ambition to make tomorrow a sustainable future. Our global partnerships and expertise have ensured long-lasting increased commercial value by crafting systemic and distributional value for all our partners. Together we build companies from a growth stage into becoming global industry leaders.

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2A: SoMe: Normative /portfolio company

byFounders/focus: PartnerUp

Partner Up to Spread Sustainable Business - Normative

My comment: I have deliberately chosen an external source and their own platform: website - which is the OWNED platform.

Original copy from Normative:

Sustainability consultant? Do you need a partner to simplify your work? We can give you faster calculations of your customers’ carbon dioxide emissions and energy use in Scopes 1, 2, and 3, but also a myriad of other metrics such as how the company affects biodiversity and human health. Normative enables you to automate time-consuming tasks and focus on providing an even better offer to your customers.

Copy from byFounders/Normative

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2A: SoMe: Lucinity /portfolio company

byFounders/focus: Product & Service

Our Product | Lucinity

Comments: I have deliberately chosen an external source and their own platform: website: which is the OWNED platform.

Original COPY from Lucinity: *Lucinity uses Human AI to Make Money Good by continuously improving our customers’ defenses against money laundering. ***Human AI Case Manager. Case Management re-imagined Actor-based review We center our detection around your customers instead of transactions. Focusing on people allows us to improve coverage and speed in AML. Complete behavioral coverage Our AML behaviours are built on regulatory expertise to strengthen your defence against money laundering schemes. Static rules belong to the past – ensure risk-based coverage with behaviours. Do you really know your customers?