What type of data do you include, and what is your privacy policy?

We care about user protection across crypto first and foremost.

We associate data with users from publicly available sources, and go one step beyond to assume user intent. There isn't a Robots Exclusion Standard yet in crypto, but we assume a default one during our inference and collection process

We don't associate private wallets with socials as of now. We never expose wallet addresses, and we don't give away any user wallet address information that would indirectly reveal a link between a user and a wallet. For instance, we don't give away specific NFT addresses, and only give away information on a collection-level detail. We give away summaries of collections across firends as opposed to individual ownerships.

What is your policy on bots?

We have a high standard when it comes to tying social identity with on-chain identity, especially since social proofs are sometimes used as soft sybil resistance.

Do you have a token?

We currently do not have a released token. Beware of anyone selling you a token from us.

If you have any questions or feedback for us, feel free to email build@mysocket.xyz or drop a telegram dm to @evayzh .