<aside> 💡 Internship (6 months) or Alternance | @Societhy, Paris


🎯 Our Mission

Since Mars 2022, we have created and developed an experience-driven metaverse with an outstanding design. We are a team of 10 people with specific cutting-edge skills in tech (blockchain, unreal engine) and design (3D animation, spatial, avatar and fashion design).

Our motto is that we feel that delivering a brief, beautiful, and meaningful experience is more valuable than making a 24/7-opened virtual world with scattered events.

We therefore intend to establish a self-contained metaverse in which experience and lifestyle can coexist together. Communities will be able to join in a virtual environment with incredible atmospheres, share memorable moments, and leave their mark on Societhy.

❤️ Our Values

Below are the values we share as a team, so if you like these, you will enjoy working here. (And if you don't like them, please tell us what we're missing in our thinking!)

🔥 Your Role