Every step embodies integrity.

Every step embodies truth.

With each step we take,

We strive to give our utmost.


As high as the sky we must reach someday,

As accessible as the sky anyone can admire,

As diverse as the sky displaying different colors every day,

We aspire to become a remarkable game company.

SKYWALK is a specialized mobile game development and service company founded with the aim of challenging the global market. Established in 2019, SKYWALK has consistently achieved an annual growth rate of approximately 30%. We currently provide global services of more than eight live games to over 140 countries. Additionally, we also actively preparing for the launch of around four game services, developed in-house, in 2023.

Our mission is to create games that bring enjoyment and entertainment to people worldwide, fostering a sense of unity akin to a vast sky. With 10 released games, SKYWALK is committed to furthering our growth, enabling people from different corners of the globe to share in the joy and experience new values together.

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed companies such as GRAVITY, Zeptolab, Kakaogames, and Naver, SKYWALK established a robust global network that spans regions including Korea, Japan, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Leveraging this network, we aim to deliver delightful gaming experiences to users worldwide.

We invite you to explore our impressive portfolio and witness firsthand how our core competencies drive our success in the ever-evolving mobile gaming industry. For more information, please visit our website

1. Comprehensive expertise in game planning across diverse genres

Operating five dedicated game studios, SKYWALK engages in the development and service provision of games across diverse genres, encompassing SNG, RPG, puzzle, and story noble. With a speacialized focus by each studio, we strive to deliver high-quality gaming experiences that captivate and engage players. We have a proven track record in SNG games like "MyHome," immersive story adventure games like "Mirror City," thrilling RPG games like "Hello Hero: Epic Battle," and captivating puzzle games like "Cut the Rope: BLAST." Our ability to generate innovative ideas, craft compelling narratives, and execute robust planning sets us apart in delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

2. Collaborative partnerships with diverse content IPs

Distinguishing ourselves from other mobile game developers, we have forged successful collaborations with various content IPs. Our flagship game, "My Home," featured collaborations with renowned actors, resulting in the integration of in-game characters and furniture inspired by him. We have also formed partnerships with popular K-Dramas, organizing in-game characters and events. Furthermore, our collaborations extend to esteemed character IPs such as "Kakao Games" and "Sanrio Characters," allowing us to create not only in-game experiences but also a wide range of social events, which strengthens the influence of our IPs.

3) Penetration into international markets and localization expertise

SKYWALK has successfully penetrated international markets, notably in Japan with "おいでよマイホーム" (Come on My Home) and the global market with "Cut the Rope: BLAST." We possess extensive experience in effectively targeting and acquiring users through pre-registration marketing, performance-based marketing campaigns across diverse media channels, and other strategic initiatives. Moreover, our localization expertise ensures that we provide tailored experiences to different regions, encompassing language localization and dedicated teams for localized services. This enables us to promptly address user needs and minimize user attrition.


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CUT THE ROPE: BLAST is the official sequel to the highly popular puzzle game series with over 1 billion downloads, “CUT THE ROPE”. This collaborative project between SKYWALK and ZEPTOLAB is a bold venture into the global premium puzzle game market.