Hello, We're BLENS, an indie game development team that's working on a VR game called "OctoRaid VR."

BLENS is a team that started as a university start-up club and came together to develop VR games, established in 2021.

Our team continues to develop dangerously through many practical problems such as poor capital, insufficient development manpower, and difficulty in developing VR multi-play games, but we are growing with the will to create fun and casual VR games that everyone can enjoy.

We are currently in collaboration with Smilegate Game Company, it will be released as Jammer VR, a local VR platform in China.


Platform PC VR / PC / Mobile(Android)
Age rating G-rated
Language Korean, English
Release 2023 September on Planned



OctoRaid VR uses one VR device and several PC and mobile devices It is a cross-platform-based party game that can be connected and played for up to 5 people.

In Octoraid VR, players become either Octo or Hunter characters and fight!

▶ If you access it with a VR device, you become a a giant octopus Octo Attack by throwing a props, or directly by throwing a hunter. Okto uses up all the life-concept team lives shared by the entire Hunter team Win the game.

▶ If you connect with a PC or mobile, you become a diver concept hunter and cooperate with others Attacks the shot that's on the octo, dodges with the dash and grappling hook of the jet pack. The Hunter team wins the game if they use up all of Octo's physical strength.

Further more, please visit game website.


OctoRaid VR Cinematic Trailer.mp4

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