is the first platform to connect Creators who use music in their content with Musicians who want to grow their audience.

Built with creators in mind, launched with a library of over 100,000 tracks and sound effects, filled with real music from real artists. We are removing the friction around music rights and allowing creators to include the songs they love in their videos and streams.

We're an experienced team of music & tech entrepreneurs aligned on changing the way music, content, and artists come together.

Come build with us!

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Recent Press Raises $3.25 Million To Sell Music To Creators - Tubefilter

Anthony Martini exits role as CEO of Royalty Exchange, joins as Chief Music Officer and Partner - Music Business Worldwide wants to be the royalty-free soundtrack to creators' content

T-Pain joins advisory board at music licensing startup - Music Business Worldwide Buys Commission Music Name

SlipĀ·Stream launches a 'DMCA-proof' album for streamers

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