Hello, my name is Slava!

I am a product designer with experience in video and advertising. Projects in my resume differs from multi-platform services to Kickstarter campaigns. I have experience working remotely for 5 years and also worked on field projects in other countries.

To solve business problems, I am working on UX taking into account business strategy and main product metrics. Work is carried out from an idea to a ready-made solution with a detailed study of CJM, testing hypotheses, creating prototypes of the high-fidelity design, conducting case studies, and directing development results. I have experience working with educational products, TV platforms, e-commerce, and participated in the creation of multi-platform applications and design systems.

I worked at Wow advertising agency, ONY digital-branding studio, an international manufacturer and a startup Thingyfy, and was engaged in product development at Skyeng educational platform. How a freelancer I worked with video content and art installations.

I am always looking for ways to improve existing products, reduce costs, and create new values. I am looking for solutions at the intersection of user needs and business requirements.

Below, examples of my works in mobile and web interfaces.

The Maximum Education — free mobile app from the educational project

Case study

Sberbank Future — a study of the future mobile banking experience

Case study

Skyeng — a UX study of lessons for improving the study process

Case study

2KOM TV — multi-platform IPTV app

Case study

UI animation examples

Other works:

Behance portfolio

Kickstarter projects


Slava Filimonov - CV/Resume - Mid 2020