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👋 Welcome to Skillsbite !

<aside> ⚡ We are a gamified learning ecosystem with a L2E model ! ****


Skillsbite Ethos

Our Vision

A gamified L2E e-learning platform designed to resemble the inherent features of what is at the core of our ecosystem - knowledge:

                                                                   **Always expanding.**

                                                                   **Yet to be explored.** 

                                                                   **Endlessly curious.** 

Our Mission

To empower individuals in embarking on a journey of lifelong learning and support them in achieving their goals by providing innovative technological solutions in the educational space.

To create a community of life-long learners who skillsbite every day and appreciate the value of knowledge. We aim to empower them by giving them a voice in shaping the future of education.

We wish to enable them to contribute and to participate in the value they create. We redesign current ineffective online learning model to improve human lives globally.

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