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⛰️ Our vision

Sixteenth exists to fulfil the commercial potential of Creators

We believe that we can do better than to just copy and paste the traditional talent management business model on to digital talent and see what happens. We believe that the current industry offering is not fit for purpose, and that talented digital Creators, plus smart strategy can lead to the creation of remarkable business.

Sixteenth is here to create meaningful, smart and sustainable businesses around our Creator partners, allowing them to focus on creating brilliant content and fostering engaged communities.

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We believe that by focusing on Creators who are a good influence on their audience, we will have the best opportunity to fulfil our goals with them.

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🙌 Our culture

Sixteenth aspires to be among our industry’s smartest, most remarkable organisations of people. We are a team with ‘best-in-the-world’ aspirations. Hiring excellent people and always working to create a brilliant and happy work environment is one of our key priorities.

Our culture is guided by our values and the principle of good influence, which is baked into everything we do. Our People Operations team member Hattie put it perfectly: “I’ve learnt the importance of acting in a way that would scale positively if repeated by others in the company.”

Here’s a few examples of what we offer our team:

⚖️ Our values