Thank you for your interest in our open call! We are researchers at Ink & Switch and New Design Congress/Simply Secure and would like to learn more about how journalists and researchers manage many contacts & calendars for an upcoming project on digital identity. We are particularly interested in use cases where subjects are potential targets for impersonation or phishing attacks, and concerned about privacy for themselves and their contacts.

This is an open call for an informal 1 hour interview session during May 2021 to discuss experiences with this use case. The contents of this interview will be kept confidential and not referenced with attribution to you in any way.

Interested in participating?

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60 Minute Meeting - Karissa McKelvey

If you prefer not to use this website you can contact us securely at with suggested times. Our PGP key can be found here. Please note we are operating on Pacific Time (GMT -07:00) with availabilities on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Consent, Privacy and Data Governance

We take the safety of collected research data very seriously. Please review the Consent form and our organisational data governance policies. You will need to complete this consent form as part of the interview.

Digital Identity Interviews: Consent Form

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Additional Project Details

We are a team of designers, researchers and developers, supported by Ink & Switch and the New Design Congress.

We are exploring new approaches to digital identity, designing on top of relatively new cryptography primitives.

Our goal is to demonstrate how these can be leveraged to build privacy-preserving social applications that do not have global databases to harass, impersonate, or map existing social relationships.

We hope our work could set the stage for how security/privacy apps with a social component could be built in the future by setting an example of how we can create usable and ergonomic social interactions without a centralized database or third-party attestation (e.g., phone numbers).