The Productive Shift Clubhouse is a membership for neuro-diverse entrepreneurs who want to complete more meaningful projects without being held back by the way their brain works.

While you'll hear me reference entrepreneurs with ADHD often, you don't have to have an official ADHD diagnosis to be a member. If you recognize that you struggle with ADHD-like things like procrastination, problems prioritizing, and issues with consistency, you're welcome here! In fact, if you've ever looked around and thought "my brain is just wired differently than everyone else's," you'll probably feel right at home here.

What will Productive Shift help me accomplish?

Shift Your Mindset

This course covers a series of neurodivergent-friendly shifts you can make in your business to stop trying to fit the neurotypical business models we’ve had shoved down our throats.  We’ll explore topics like body-doubling, quick-launching, and goal-setting for non-planners.

Create Sustainable Systems

Now it’s time to learn how to build a business specifically built to work for your brain and desired lifestyle. This isn’t your normal one-size-fits-all “do what I did” business advice.  Instead I’m taking you step-by-step through how to document your current systems and identify places where you can improve them and make them work better for your needs.  Then we take it a step further and provide tutorials to help you with the actual action-steps needed to implement those improvements.

Take Aligned Action

Let’s face it, as a neurodivergent entrepreneur, it’s usually the actual doing of the things that trips us up.  Here in the Clubhouse, you won’t be left hanging after you’ve been shown what to do.  Instead you’ll be surrounded by a community who understands what it’s like to struggle with “just doing it.”  With the help of weekly virtual coworking sessions, daily accountability check-ins, and monthly live Q&A sessions, you’ll actually see more projects through to completion.

What do I get inside the Clubhouse?

How much is it?

As a Founding Member, you can join for $67/m or $670/y.  The price will be going up to $97/m once the limited Founding Member spots are filled.

Have questions?

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