Intentional Productivity Strategy: A great way to recharge is through meditation and sleep. You can only be productive and function optimally when your brain is calm (meditation) and well-rested (sleep).

The importance of sleep:

While you sleep, your glymphatic system, a system for waste clearance in the central nervous system, is activated. This cleaning crew makes sure that your brain is free of debris and ready for another productive day. Lack of sleep, however, leads to less cleaning and more leftover debris. This build-up of this debris over time is linked to various neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

How to start meditating:

Set your timer for 1 minute. Close your eyes (optional) and focus on inhaling and exhaling, gently try to lengthen your inhales and exhales. The minute will be up before you know it.

Here are some great free apps to help you get into your meditation habit:

Take advantage of the coming holiday period where you perhaps have a bit more time to focus on (learning) meditation and getting enough zzz’s.


Intentional Productivity Resources:

Creating check-in, instruction or explainer videos with Loom is a great way for those who work asynchronously to communicate with their colleagues or clients. In the spirit of pictures speaking a 1000 words, it can be helpful for the receiver to rely on more than just the written word. The viewer can see the item on the screen, which can make a lot of difference, but also, the tone of voice can give the viewer clues that they otherwise might have missed when only reading an instruction.