What are recipes?

Users quickly & easily edit no-code programs called recipes to choose pages on which to take actions. Publishing a recipe updates the site directly through our integration. We measure the impact of these actions on whether search engines are crawling, indexing and how pages are ranking and delivering traffic.


We orchestrate this data at a page level. That’s unusual and useful. Any action you’ll want to take will be a change to one or more pages. Data orchestration and scaling is a hard problem and a threshold for many non-programmers to change their site. Similar.ai recipes come with data orchestration already included to make it convenient for anyone to update the site.

Although actions update pages, recipes use data from other layers than page data alone. This is where the page centric power of Similar.ai excels. For instance, you can:

Similarly, often product managers want to combine different data layers in order to change the page e.g.

Recipes make it simple for anyone to do this.

Simple, expressive, flexible, transparent and portable

Recipes are: