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Mask-wearing Advice

Excerpt from the SeniorNet Dunedin Newsletter - by John Cross (with thanks)

Using those Blue and White Disposable Masks Correctly

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  1. These masks are disposable. That means that once used they should be discarded.
  2. It is important to replace or remove face masks when they become moist.
  3. Before taking the mask from its container, clean your hands with soap or hand sanitiser.
  4. When you have picked up the mask, make sure it is not damaged.
  5. The blue side should be outside when you are wearing it.
  6. The stiffish bendable edge is intended to mould to the shape of your nose, therefore it should be at the top.
  7. Pick the mask up using the loops, and put a loop around each ear.
  8. Mould the upper edge to fit the shape of your nose.

**Information received since this page was published has come from Consumer NZ.

Click here to find out how you can wash disposable masks.**

Don’t Wear Your Mask Below Your Nose!

The reason you wear a mask is to make sure mucus and saliva don’t escape from your nose and mouth and spread to someone else. It also shields you from other people’s droplets that might infect you. If your glasses fog up, my favourite anti-fog method is to gently wash the spectacle lenses with soapy water. This leaves a thin anti-mist film on them. You can also try closely fitting that stiff white band at the top of the mask as closely as you can to your nose, or put a tightly rolled tissue under that white band. [from].

Don’t Wear Your Mask Above Your Chin

Your mask should fit snugly over the whole lower half of your face and chin. When your chin’s left uncovered, viruses can creep in and reach your mouth, nose, and eyes. They can also escape from your mouth and pass to others. It can also let your mask ride up on your face, which can fog your glasses or even block your vision.

Wash Your Hands Before (and After) Masking Up

To keep germs at bay and help your mask do its job, wash your hands or use a 60%-alcohol hand sanitiser before putting it on and anytime you need to adjust it on your face. Handle your mask by the loops or ties -- don’t touch the front or your face. To take it off, use the ear loops or untie the strings, bottom ties first. Then clean your hands again.