Learn how to launch a short film and get your film seen. When should I submit? How do I make the most of a festival screening? How do I reach audiences? How do I get the attention of producers or managers? We can help you make the most of your film launch.


1. Make a Plan

A great launch begins early with a good plan. Know what you want from your short film—Job? Prestige? Money? Do you want to submit to festivals? Online? How do you build buzz for your launch?

There are generally three phases to a short film release:

  1. Submitting your film—Sending your film out to festivals and online sites for consideration.
  2. Building buzz—Building an audience and supporters interested in your film premiere.
  3. Premiere—Your film’s launch or premiere.

Shortverse offers you tools for each step.

<aside> 📖 Read our guide on planning your launch → Be Everywhere At Once


2. Learn the Release Settings

Once approved, you’ll have the ability to access your film’s release controls. These options allow you to control release states for your film.

<aside> 🧭 Go to: Profile menu → My Films → Select film → release settings control is in the top right


📝 Draft

The page and film are both private to you. This is the default release setting when you add a film.

🎟️ Preview

The page is visible but the film is hidden. This is a great way to build excitement and capture followers without putting your film online. Preserves your premiere status for film festivals and exclusivity agreements.