Learn how to prepare and what to expect when you submit a film. What you’ll need to submit. How to best prepare your submission. What do judges look for with Short of the Week.



Submit Your Film

Review Process


Common Questions


When to Submit

We recommend submitting your film as soon as your film is complete. It’s important to have an online presence for your film where interested fans and industry members can reach you.

Having your film approved will not automatically make it public. You always have full control over your film release.

In Shortverse, you have full control over the release of your film. You can submit your film now and release it months from now. You don’t have to wait to hear back from other festivals or finish screenings to start planning your release. Give yourself the time and submit early.

Some filmmakers even prefer to publish their film projects before completed to tease upcoming projects. Many programmers, producers, and other industry members are interested in seeing your latest project.

We'll help you turn your release into a new opportunity, with excited industry all over the site, they're waiting to see your next great short.

What you’ll need to submit

<aside> 🛠️ Pro Tip: Build your film page early! Even if your final cut is not done, you can start building your audience. Submit your rough cut and release your film page as a Preview to start gaining followers who will be notified once your film officially premieres.


Submit Your Film

You can start preparing your submission before your film is ready to premiere. Submit as early as possible.

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