Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020 - Report


Making WARP-V compatible with OpenPiton (BYOC - Bring Your Own Core) framework.

WARP-V is an open-source and highly flexible and configurable CPU core with customizable ISA and pipelines written in the emerging “Transaction-Level” modeling. OpenPiton is an open-source, general-purpose, multi-threaded manycore framework for heterogeneous architecture research. This project aims to evolve WARP-V further by adding necessary support for memory, microarchitecture extensions etc., and make it RISC-V Linux compatible and then integrate it with the OpenPiton-derived Bring Your Own Core (BYOC) Framework. This would open the doors for the first Linux-capable processor based on TL-Verilog and easy scaling to multicore heterogeneous implementation with OpenPiton.



Shivam Mahesh Potdar

Senior Year EE Undergraduate

National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India

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Overview of Work Done

WARP-V Related

Upgrade WARP-V from RV32I to RV32IM[A]

Formal Verification with M Extension