Shift is a unique workout experience where you listen to podcasts during the relaxing parts of the workout, and seamlessly shifts to music when you’re going hard.

Shift works with Spotify, Apple Music (and others), and your own podcast apps so you can enjoy your favorite workout music and podcasts.

Shift adapts to your own workout style, by letting you set up a timer, that controls when to play music and when to play podcasts. E.g for a 4x4 interval workout you'll have 4 minutes of music, then 4 minutes of podcasts, and goes back and forth like that throughout the workout.

Shift works great with traditional strength training, where you'll have a fixed rest-time between sets. It plays podcasts while resting between sets, and music during your set. Tap your headphones after the workout set to start the rest/podcast timer again.

For cardio workouts (running, cycling) you can either set a podcast timer and a music timer. Go slow/steady during the podcast, and speed up each time it shifts to music. Or you can let your heart-rate control shift, by setting a heart-rate threshold (music when the heart rate is above, podcasts when it's below)


We started building Shift because we love listening to podcasts while working out. However, we realized it's not always optimal when things get heavy. Manually switching between the podcast and music app can get tedious, and so ideally there would be a magical app that just adapts to the workout, and plays podcasts and music when it fits, based on the intensity. So in 2017, we started building Shift, mainly to solve this problem for ourselves. However, many of our friends started telling us how badly they wanted our product, so we decided to spread the word. Michael posted a few different posts on Reddit (for instance: and the feedback was overwhelming. Since then we've spent most of our time tuning the product, to make the perfect workout media player. Our goal is to make you forget that you are even using an app. It just works in the background, adapting to your workout style. We've been featured numerous times on the Apple App Store, including Apple's App Of The Day.


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