To discover, isolate, navigate, and manage resolutions of user facing issues in all ShapeShift products and services.

To provide known troubleshooting and mitigation steps for issue reporters and users during the discovery and recreation of triage tickets.

To mitigate and expedite time required from core contributors spent on bug tickets, issue reports, and production level emergencies.

To transfer correctly completed and accurate Github tickets of triage bugs to Engineering or Product to be posted for bounty.

Trust the Process

The Triage Process

Responding to a Triage Report - Operations Assistants -

Dework Procedure Manual

Trusted Community Devs TimeSheet Procedure Manual


🚑 - Triage Report Tracker

🧑‍⚕️ -DAO Triage Tracking

🐛 -Bug Bounty Tracker

Triage Report Layout

Unsolved User Problems and the Triage Tracker

Bi-weekly meetings are held to go over newly discovered issues, the backlog of issues yet to be fixed, the process of any tickets that have be created through the #triage process, and any bounties that have be created and assigned as a resolution to an issue.

Have an issue you’re interested in the timeline of a resolution to? Check out the DAO Triage Tracking Document or join the bi-weekly Unsolved User Problems meeting held in the General Voice Channel in Discord on Tuesdays at 3pm MST