To minimize downtime of the entire product suite.

To resolve production environment bugs efficiently with minimal disruption to engineering processes, deployment cadences, or user experience.

Prod Issues

🧯 - The ShapeShift DAO Operations workstream loosely defines a production issue as any of the following: A discovered bug, regression, environment change, or code change that results in a major disruption of services, extreme unexpected behaviors, incorrect data, excessive load times, or a change that blocks a ShapeShift user from interacting with their money, or a properly escalated triage issue that creates downtime, blocks services or key features of ShapeShift.

ShapeShift key features and services (8/21)

ShapeShift key features and services (updated 6/15):

If any of the following features are discovered broken or providing unexpected behavior, use the documented #triage process to escalate the issue accordingly.

Key features and prod issue classifications have been updated since originally posted to stay agile with the product services and feature additions, as well as the deprecation of previous services. Green Lines have been updated, Red lines have been deescalated.