Goals & Results (Jan - June 2022)

Curate and propose a product roadmap based on research, user feedback and behavior, and informed vision that aligns with the mission and goals of the ShapeShift DAO.

We have worked hard and continue to evolve and communicate with the DAO community on the direction for the product and features we’re building. Every two weeks we go over the roadmap with the community in our product office hours, and show the progress of the work that’s currently inflight. Also, during office hours we invite members of the community to bring forward their ideas and questions, and of course they can always provide us feedback about the product in Discord and via the submit feedback link on the ShapeShift web app.

Since we don’t have much quantitative data on user behavior at this time, that is one area we haven’t been able to tap into. However, once we have analytics in the web app, we should have much better insights to help inform our decisions going forward.

Provide feature specifications (including goals and success metrics), UI/UX designs, product management, and applicable front-end development for features prioritized by the ShapeShift DAO.

We have done and continue to do this, and the progress can be tracked in our Notion - everything from the complete roadmap, to what’s been completed, what’s underway and all the links to detailed product specs. From the term of our proposal (Jan 1 2022 - June 30 2022). We have provided product input on 46 github issues, merged 45 PRs for a total of 299 commits, adding 8,093 lines of code, and removing 2,896 lines of code.

And, once we have analytics, we will be able to have success metrics to track and report on.

Represent the ShapeShift DAO’s product suite, roadmap, and workstream and act as a repository of knowledge.

We hold bi-weekly office hours, bi-weekly roadmap prioritization calls together with engineering, and collaborate with workstreams and stakeholders. We are quick to respond to product-related questions on Discord.

Ensure the delivery of prioritized features on time, on or under budget, and according to the acceptance criteria defined in each feature spec written by the Product Managers.

Product has done our best to stay well ahead and deliver our specs and UX on time. We are a lean team, who have worked hard to stay ahead, and done our best to support engineering in their efforts to deliver features in a timely fashion.

Assist with one-off community projects as needed, and make sure all projects executed by the workstream and outside the workstream are on brand and pass usability.****

Whenever a community project requires graphic design, UI/UX, or brand alignment, product and creative services have gladly assisted.

Help all ShapeShift Workstreams communicate effectively, by creating engagingcontent that is aligned with the brand of ShapeShift DAO.

This has been a big part of the Creative Services portion of the workstream, and we think GrayMachine has been doing an excellent job in this goal.