Systems Manager ~ McKinnon Secondary College

Co-Founder ~ Naavi

Founding Member & Executive ~ Consortium of Educational Technology

Growing up with the promise of a connected, high tech future, Blake Seufert has always worked to shape a new standard for what's possible with technology. He is focused on developing models for world class IT in schools, including leadership, design, implementation & confidence.

In being recognised as a leader in Edtech, he has been fortunate to work across many facets of Edtech, from consulting with Edtech companies big and small (Google, Microsoft, etc) to working with over 100 schools and school groups across Australia. He has also taken to the stage to keynote some of Australia's largest conferences (EduTech, FutureSchools & more) and has been published in leading publications like ACEL, ETS magazine, etc.

In addition to co-founding his very own Edtech company Naavi, he is a founding member of the Consortium of Educational Technology, a peak body for Edtech in Australia. Through this body he has worked with some of Melbourne's top Universities to develop MTIS, an ongoing observational study of Edtech in schools.

It was during his first few years in education he realised that there was incredible, unrealised potential for technology to improve education. He believes, more than a decade on, we are still just getting started and is working hard to define, implement, build and shape the best possible future of technology in education.

~ Worked with 100's schools

~ Strategy and Consulting

~ Speaking and Publications