By: Seth Stomberger |

Throughout my lifespan as a designer, I have always had a very large passion for websites, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2021 when I would take that passion and do something worthwhile with it. This past year I have started designing and developing custom digital portfolios for clients/friends in the creative industry.

Alexander Atkins

Social Media Manager and Creative Consultant

The Site:

My Process: Design Pitch Deck

Alexander’s site is easily my favorite project I have ever worked on. I got the chance to do his partners site and ended up being referred to Alexander right after. We toyed around with a few ideas near the beginning but quickly became dead set on designing a left fleshed navigation. This was an extremely ambitious move for me (with my novice level of coding), but I was extremely determined. I designed and prototyped the whole site in Figma and once I got the greenlight began the long process of implementing it onto Cargo. I ended up learning so much about code injecting and front end developing through building this site and could not be happier with the final result.

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Anna McGregor

Fashion Marketing Student

The Site: