Sequin is on a mission to address gender inequality in credit. We’re recognizing women’s financial power and getting us the credit we deserve for all our life’s financial needs.

As women, we face a systemic knowledge gap when it comes to credit. Sequin has your back - we're a group of women credit experts leveling the financial playing field for women. That's why we built this credit make sure that ALL women know how to manage their credit!

Ready to get credit confident? 😎

Go through our Credit Curriculum: we've put this curriculum together to help you learn what credit is, how your credit card spend impacts it, and what you can do to optimize and maximize your credit potential 💪🏽

Credit 101: Understanding Women and Credit 👩🏽‍💼

Introduction to Sequin 💪🏽

Thanks for joining us! Watch our introduction video, as well as testimonials from our Sequin Women to learn what Sequin is all about.

Women and Credit: An Overview 💳

Learn about how women approach credit vs. men and more about Sequin's work.

Financial Feminism Through The Ages 👩🏽‍⚖️

Learn the history of women in the financial space. Women have always part of the world's financial landscape!

Credit Goal Setting 📋

Set your own credit goals and intentions...take this time to reflect on your credit history and what you need to do going forward!

Credit & Relationships💖

Learn all the ways in which relationships and finances intermingle. We will discuss all the steps to talking about finances in a relationship and how to maintain financial autonomy in a relationship, as well as what to do if you've recently left one.

Credit 201: Picking the Best Credit Card for You 💖

Applying For Your First Credit Card 💳

Learn why credit matters, common credit concerns, how a credit score is calculated, and Sequin's pick for secured credit cards.

How to Pick Between Credit Cards ⚖️

Learn how to evaluate credit cards (including some of Sequin's favorites) and how to pick the best fit for YOU!

Choosing a Rewards Credit Card 💸

Learn what rewards are, how to calculate them, and how to spend them to get the best bang for your buck!

Earning Credit Card Rewards 💰

Learn more about rewards credit cards and how to use rewards for your everyday life.

Business Credit Cards 💼

Learn how a business credit card differs from a personal credit card, as well as the benefits of a business credit card.

Credit 301: Keeping Your Credit Healthy

Credit Lines: Everything You Need to Know 📈

In this lesson, learn all about credit lines and their rules; including how to ask for a credit line increase and more!

Understanding Your Credit Report 🗒️

In this lesson, learn what a credit report is, how to pull it, what errors to look for, and how to dispute those errors.

Credit Beyond Credit Cards: Mortgages, Auto Loans and More 🏠

In this lesson, learn Sequin's special mortgage and auto loans tips as we guide you through managing your credit holistically.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt 💰

In this lesson, learn all about the different types of debt you can incur, as well as the most impactful repayment techniques.