Open Roles

[Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)](<>)

At Sense, we're working hard at building new primitives for DeFi. We're developing the Sense Protocol, a decentralized fixed-income protocol on Ethereum, which allows users to manage risk through fixed rates and future yield trading on existing yield-bearing assets.

We have raised $5.2m to-date and are proud to be backed by investors, advisors and technologists from Dragonfly, Bain Capital Ventures, Nascent, Variant, Robot Ventures, and MakerDAO.

Who are we 👷

We're a team of builders, integrators, and researchers.

We helped launch the Maker Protocol, have backgrounds in Math and Aerospace, and have an abiding passion for Open Finance. We're relentlessly optimistic, detailed oriented, and data-driven.

What we're building 🔧

Using the bleeding edge of blockchain technology, we're building the Sense Protocol, a usable and practical open-source, decentralized fixed income protocol, which empowers users with tools for yield & risk management.

Why we're doing it 🤔