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[Smart Contract Engineer (Solidity)](<>)


Sense is an ecosystem platform, where teams can build and develop new fixed-income primitives for DeFi, such as bonds, yield-tokens, tranches, and yield curves.

The first application built atop Sense is a stripping application. Yield stripping allows users to protect themselves from interest rate volatility (i.e. lend at a fixed rate) or make capital-efficient long/short bets on future yields across the universe of yield-bearing assets.

At Sense, we are working towards a future where people are consistently empowered to:

We’ve raised $5.2m to date and are proud to be backed by investors, advisors, and technologists from Dragonfly, Bain Capital Ventures, Nascent, Variant, Robot Ventures, and MakerDAO.

who are we 👷

We're a team of builders, integrators, and researchers.

We helped launch the Maker Protocol, have backgrounds in Math and Aerospace, and have an abiding passion for Open Finance. We're relentlessly optimistic, detailed oriented, and data-driven.

Our Company Values

Start-to-finish ownership: People find the most meaning when they have autonomy and creative control over their work. We believe the responsibility and accountability derived from owning a project bring out the best in people.

Be Bold: Rebuilding the financial system requires calculated risk-taking.

High Standards: Blockchain exploits can be binary, leading to devastating losses for Sense and its users. We defend against this possibility by imposing high standards across all our products. We also hold ourselves to a high standard in who we hire.