Hey there 👋

I see that you're an NFT Enthusiast looking for Builds to install on the world of your NFT worlds NFT.

But are you having issues deciding what to commission from Builders? Do not know what will work what won't? Or, are you just on a tight budget and these custom builds are too expensive for you?

Worry not! We've built a Premade Builds store that is perfect for your needs!

This store contains builds we have built based on market demand and what's popular. Meaning you get a high-quality catalog to choose from, and once you like something, you can view the screenshots and buy instantly.

If you do not have the link to store already, it's here: https://www.senior-studios.com/store

NFT Pricing and Rules

A - Only Exclusive Builds are allowed:

If you're coming here from Dollar Builds, another store we operate. You must have seen that we do not allow Dollar Builds builds to be used as NFTs. This is because these builds are non-exclusive by nature and when you upload an NFT to the blockchain, anyone can view or download it. This is also to make sure that NFT prices don't just crash because of our $1 steal of a deal. 😂 This also means that builds tagged with "Semi-Exclusive" are also unavailable to be used as NFTs.

B - NFT Rights pricing:

None of the builds by default, come with reselling rights or rights to be used as NFTs. So, you must buy them additionally. This is the rights pricing for NFT Builds:

Price category Price Example
Builds of cost $99 or lower $100 + 50% of the list price of the build. $80 Build would be: $100 + $40 = $140
Builds of cost $100 or above $250 + 40% of the list price of the build. $150 Build would be: $250 + $60 = $310
Builds of cost $250 or above $400 + 35% of the list price of the build. $300 Build would be: $400 + $105 = $505

Do note, the % part is on our cost of the build, not how much you sell the NFTs for, we do not really want to take cut on your NFT sales, ofcouse.

If you're still unsure, just create a Premade Builds support ticket on our discord, link the build you want and we'll calculate the price for you.