Basic Questions

What is this?

This is the operations book for the Senior Studios subsidiary Senior Team. It has all the information necessary for freelancers of Senior Team to know about the team's operations.

This information is intended for Senior Team freelancers and staff. If you’re a client, you can find all of our important links on this page.

What are service teams?

Service teams are companies that provide different services for their clients.

In many cases, service teams are geared towards providing products specific to Minecraft, such as builds. However, Senior Team provides these services and much more, like professional logo design, website development, and Discord development. Service teams consist a variety of talented freelancers, who are specialized in different departments; at Senior Team, our departments (with numerous sub-departments each) include design, Minecraft design, writing, videography, development, and building.

Freelancers must submit their portfolio or resume to a service team's application system, which will then be reviewed by application managers. By becoming a member of the team, you gain a lot of work opportunities since you won’t have to search for clients anymore, with all the commissions and requests being sent to you, alongside all the information required (e.g. budgets, details, deadlines, etc).

What is Discord?

Discord is the main platform that you’ll be using for your activity related to Senior Team. Having an easy-to-use interface and organized channels for each request, it is the best option for handling the clients’ projects and getting in touch with them privately.

Moreover, it is a very popular and accessible platform, thus giving us a great way of reaching many clients. Because of automated Discord bots that can do most operations such as creating channels, categories, posting messages, editing content etc., it is currently the best option for us to handle the number of commissions we receive.

You should be active on Discord daily in order to see all the incoming commissions and be able to claim them. All of the announcements and updates related to Senior Team and its freelancers will be posted in the designated channels of the relevant Discord server, so you should keep an eye on them from time to time.

Mentioning you didn’t know about an update or rule change will not be considered a valid excuse, since it is your duty as a member of this team to check our servers for announcements and updates.

The Management team will tag @everyone on all important messages, so you’ll receive a ping on the server and be notified immediately.

Senior Studios Discord servers:

What is a quote?

A "quote" is the estimate given to a client by a freelancer that states how much the freelancer would charge for completing a specific commission. Often, quotes also include the timeframe that is needed for completion of the commission, but this is not required and can be negotiated once more details are known.

What are tickets?

Since we use Discord to handle all our clients’ requests, each commission will be posted in a designated channel, where all the information (such as budget, deadline, description, and references) is provided for the interested freelancers. These channels, representing private chats between the freelancer, the commission manager (CM), and the client are called tickets, and they are automatically created by our Discord bot.

When a client creates a commission ticket, they will be asked to provide all the relevant information, and to choose the department the commission is in (such as building or development). The bot then creates two linked tickets: one in the client Discord (the "commission ticket") and one in the freelancer Discord (the "quote ticket"). The quote ticket will be accessible to all freelancers within that specific department, and will ping them when posted. Within that ticket, freelancers are able to ask the client questions, send their quote, or deny the commission. Freelancers are required to reply to commissions in a timely manner, either by quoting or denying the commission.