Seis is banking built for the 44 million native Spanish speakers living in the US.

Our mission is to build the most delightful, full-service banking experience for anyone who wants to bank in their native Spanish. We’ll offer all financial products you’d expect from a full-service bank (mortgages, auto loans, investing, etc.), starting with a checking account & debit card.

Our goal is to make such an amazing banking experience that people will wish they spoke Spanish so they could bank with us. We’ll treat Spanish speakers as first class citizens & end dial 2 for español.

We’re backed by Y Combinator & some of the biggest names in fintech, including Immad Akhund (CEO/Founder Mercury), Harry Hurst (CEO/Founder, Austen Allred (CEO/Founder Lambda School), Deepak Chhugani (CEO/Founder Nuvo Cargo), Dan Romero (Coinbase), Elad Gil, Shrug Capital, Jason Garcia (Head of Capital Markets @ Mercury), and many others.

React Native Developer - UT (Lehi)

Product-Obsessed Engineer - Utah or Remote

Data Engineer - UT (Lehi)

Customer Support Lead - Remote