Product Summit is Seedcamp's annual gathering for tech and product people.

Product Summit is Seedcamp's flagship event, curated to introduce you to the latest tech and product frameworks to challenge your thinking, accelerate learning, and inspire new ideas.


We spread deeply informative and inspiring insights from seasoned product and tech leaders over three afternoons and gave attendees the space to dissect these ideas with fellow leaders, leaving each day with deep insights and actionable takeaways.

Talks & Decks

Full Speaker Playlist


Day One — Tuesday May 25th

15:00 → 15:10

Welcome to Product Summit 2021

Devin, Precious, and the Seedcamp Team

15:10 → 15:45

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Design Team

Andy Budd

15:45 → 16:00

Product Mingle

Open Networking

16:00 → 16:30

Hiring Product Managers: Using Product EQ to go beyond culture and skills

Kate Leto

16:30 → 17:00

Your First Product Manager

Sharon Anne Kean

17:00 → 17:30

Product Summit Breakout

Breakout rooms

Day Two — Wednesday May 26th

15:00 → 15:45

Mind Your Metaphor

Ben Sauer

15:45 → 16:00

Product Mingle

Open Networking