Secfix helps companies stay secure at every stage of growth.

We believe that security needs to become simple and accessible for every company no matter its size. With our security monitoring platform, we help companies get secured and certified (e.g. for ISO27001) in weeks and not months.

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Our Values

We are obsessed with our customers. We start with the customer and work backwards to create products people want.

We build smart. We love working by YCombinator's principles and we preach those in our team.

We create trust. Transparency and ethics are within our DNA.

We are scrappy. A functional basic prototype in 2 weeks is worth more now than a perfect idea in 2 months.

What are we building?

With a goal to help SMBs get secure as easy as ordering a pizza, we started by building the simplest MVP for a company to scope and outsource pentesting to vetted pentesting boutiques across Europe. It was jsut the beginning. Now we want to build a simple experience for customers to prepare for ISO 27001 audit.

Why ISO 27001? Today ISO 27001 is a common way for technology companies operating in Europe in all industies to show that they are secure. We are building a security-in-a-box solution that every internet-related company needs: everything from GSuite & Email account monitoring to laptop motnitoring, employee onboarding, cloud and server configuration, security policy and incident reponse plans, and many more.

Soon we'll add more certifications such as TISAX, PCI DSS, and build a big partner network for security tools software and professional service providers (auditors, pentesters) to provide end-to-end security for our customers at every stage of their growth.

With our solution we will be able to make security for internet companies simple and accessible. Small less security aware teams can profit from our eady-to-use industry standards while established enterprises with skilled security teams could enhance their security with highly customizable roadmaps and monitoring tools in one place.

Life at Secfix

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Enjoy the flat hierarchies and fast growth with top-notch founder team Fabiola (ex. Siemens) and Grigory (ex. Amazon) who started with the initial idea in 2020.


We already have been a part of top accelerators and incubators e.g. XPRENEURS, LMU EC, Grace, CODE University Accelerator, won awards and were even featured by Handelsblatt as one of the most innovative startups in Germany. Profit from our broad network of rockstar seasoned entrepreneurs!

"The way to make your startup grow, is to make something users really love." — Paul Graham, Founder of YCombinator