The drop-in stationery editor is our product that enables your customer to have access to the power of the Scribeless handwriting engine.

Perhaps they're sending a gift to a loved one and want to include a heartfelt gift note.

Perhaps they want to send automatic gift notes to their customers on your CRM.

Whatever your customers' handwritten needs are, the drop-in stationery editor gives you the power to fulfil them.


Click below to see what the widget looks like in action.

Scribeless Widget Demo


The drop-in stationery editor can be setup in three steps.

First, you need install the editor on your app. This involves configuring the editor so your notes are created right and making sure the editor is in the right place.


Next, you need to trigger the sending of the note to the Scribeless platform by passing the appropriate details at the right time.


Lastly, you can make the editor a little more at home on your app with these customisation features.


Different environments