Challenge Yourself, Inspire Others 挑戰自己,啟發別人

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SCDIBC Global will take place all the way from Dec 2020 to June 2021. It is an on-stage competition with full costume and make up in your own country/area. However, your exposure will not be limited in one country/area! There will be live video recording during the on-stage competition. Your performance tape will be sent to judges from all over the world.

Ranking awards and certificates are awarded among all regional competitions. All finalists will be competing with each other across the globe for more awards and scholarships.

Sponsorships 贊助

迦南之星國際芭蕾舞環球大賽將於 2020年12月至 2021年6月期間舉行。參賽者將要在舞台上穿著表演服和舞台化妝參賽。你們的參賽作品將會在自己所屬的地區和國家演出,來自世界各地的評判將在網上或透過錄影評分。


Ballet Life

Ballet Life

Final Result 決賽結果

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Competition Broadcast 比賽轉播


(Not applicable to network restricted areas 不適用於網絡限制地區)

SCDIBC Global - Final Competition 決賽

Wechat 微信

Please use Wechat to scan QR code to access the Wechat mini program. 請用微信掃描二維碼進入微信小程序。

Popular Election 人氣評選

Please find Chinese instruction on poster and in the Wechat mini program. 請於海報及微信小程序內參閲中文指引。

  1. Scan the Wechat mini program QR code to enter the activity interface
  2. Search for the entry number or name of competitor and vote
  3. Forward the link to the player's homepage or the player poster, and invite friends and relatives to vote together