<aside> 👉 See below for build-it-yourself gear options.

Alternatively, Scatter sells complete hardware solutions, including pre-tested depth sensors, a PC, specialized cabling and calibration charts. You can avoid guesswork, purchasing hassles and delays and just get straight to creating. Contact support@depthkit.tv for more details.



Component Diagram of a 5-Sensor Capture/Livestreaming Configuration

Component Diagram of a 5-Sensor Capture/Livestreaming Configuration

Depth Sensors & Related Equipment

Data and Power Extenders

Not all USB extenders work with the Azure Kinect - The following cables have been tested and can be recommended by our team:

Cable Matters Active USB Extension Cable Male to Female (USB 3.0 Extension Cable) with Signal Booster

<aside> ⚠️ Cable Matters Model 200010 cable is verified to work, however Cable Matters Model 200040 does not. Make sure you specify the correct cable.


Tripp Lite 10m USM 3.0 Superspeed Active Extension Repeater Cable M/F

StarTech 10m USB 3.0 Active Extension Cable - M/F

Standard AC power extension cables can be used to extend power to the Azure Kinect. We recommend using the Microsoft power supply, but any USB AC adapter can be used if it provides enough current.

Read more about Azure Kinect power and USB requirements in the Microsoft Azure Kinect documentation.