Product Designer / Developer with 10+ years of experience working with Mobile and Web technologies. Advanced knowledge of Interactive web applications, Mobile IOS/web applications. Ability to follow through and adapt quickly to changes. Collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities and an agile mindset.

My favorite phrase: "I have failed over and over again in my life, which is why I have succeeded" – Michael Jordan

I consider myself a Web Developer Artist

Current interests and goals

  1. Learn and create products based on Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  2. Improve my abilities like Product designer

Expertise & Skills

<aside> 💡 I try to be the person that my team need, for that reason I learn what is needed at that moment...But if you want to know some of the tools that I have used over the years:


Web Mobile IOS Swift Azure Cloud services
Angular REST API Javascript A-frame, ThreeJs HTML, CSS
Python (Basic level) SWIFT 5.0 Typescript NodeJs Laravel Framework, PHP
Soft Skills
Creative thinking Problem-solving Startup Mindset
Wireframes & Mockups and prototyping UI/UX Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban English level B1 Gamification strategies
Product designer Usability Familiarity with common software architecture patterns Backend and Frontend experience

Personal Achievements