About Samphire Neuroscience

Samphire Neuroscience is a London-based women’s lifestyle neurotechnology company, developing a wearable neurotechnology-based medical device to empower women to respond to their menstrual cycle related challenges in an instant, safe and drug-free way.

Menstrual symptoms - such as pain, mood and cognitive challenges, sometimes falling under the diagnoses of dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain), premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD, a form of premenstrual depression) or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - are experienced by more than 80% of women, and arise throughout the menstrual, gestational and menopausal cycles. The vast majority of women (82.4%) have missed work, or been at work while ill, because of menstrual health challenges. Less than a quarter (24.4%) felt comfortable disclosing this to superiors. Over 78% of those looking for solutions say that none of them are satisfying.

There’s a chronic lack of research, investment and solutions in the field of women’s health We are creating a brand new category of women’s health solutions and are looking product designers, and hardware and software engineers to help us further our vision.

We like to challenge – and to be challenged – in the process of reimagining what holistic women's wellbeing should look like moving forward. And we don’t believe that the future for women can afford to neglect their needs and lifestyles.

Therefore, we are especially interested in working with candidates who identify as women or non-binary, as we value your lived experience and connection with the problem we're tackling. We would also love to work with people from a diversity of other backgrounds, including non white or first in family, and aim to emphasise the perspectives of people underrepresented in tech in shaping the industry.

About you

About the role

We are currently in regulatory processes with our first medical device. This wearable is controlled by an (iOS) mobile application, and our users’ primary interaction with the product will be through their phones.

In this role, you will be working with our Engineering team to build our mobile application experience. You should be comfortable working at a prototype level, experimenting with solutions, and bringing high quality output. Most of the work will be transparent, involved and collaborative, and inter-disciplinary backgrounds/experiences/expertise in other fields are highly welcome.

Beyond that, in this role you will work very closely with our hardware, science, commercial, logistics and community/marketing team members to bring our product to commercial release, and beyond.

Your individual role, ultimately, will be your own, as you’ll be joining a small and inspired team so we will work together to make sure it works for you just as it does for us. We’re very open to remote work within Europe (please inquire about exceptions).

We are open to applications from people of all backgrounds and especially welcome those from backgrounds under-represented in STEM and tech.

You will be compensated competitively based on experience, and equity options are negotiable. If you’d like to learn more, say hello to Em (em@samphireneuro.com). If that sounds like a fit, we look forward to meeting you and sharing more about Samphire with you.