[UPDATE - As of June 20th 2021, I've hired my amazing Chief of Staff!!]

Hi! I'm Tara, co-founder and CEO at Rupa! I'm looking for a Chief of Staff to be my stunt double at Rupa! 🦄


Just so you can put a face to the name!! ^^ me on a morning hike — one of my favorite things to do!

You'll be my right-hand person and a force-multiplier for me. It's a super critical and exciting time for the company - we just hit 30 people and we're on the brink of massive product expansion, raising our next round, and thoughtfully designing the Rupa culture and internal operating processes! 🚀 Together, you and I will make magic over the next year as we enter our hyperscaling mode!

The Chief of Staff position is a high exposure role -- you will get face time with our investors, advisors, execs, partners and more. Your day to day will consist of sitting in on all of my meetings, helping me prioritize, and doing follow ups as needed. We'll divide work between us and you will also have your own projects to run with based on your unique skillset and background. You'll get intimately familiar with what it means to be a CEO of a high growth early stage technology startup. It's a great role for rockstars who eventually want to do their own startup or figure out where they want to develop their career within a tech company. As my Chief of Staff, no matter what you want to do after, I will help you get there. 💙

TL/DR: To keep it simple, we're growing crazy fast and I need support in my role and responsibilities as CEO! I am looking for a stellar human to help scale me.

The top 3 qualities I'm looking for in a Chief of Staff:

Other Must Haves: